Welcome to Eagle Valley Hops Estate

Eagle Valley Hops Estate is set in a narrow valley along the Eagle River in the North Okanagan region of British Columbia. We are 100% Canadian! This valley has a micro-weather environment, with sunny warm days from May to October. Our property is bounded on three sides by the renewable clear water of mountain streams feeding the Eagle River. This land has always been forested and never farmed, consisting of rich sandy-loam.  Cottonwood leaves rustle in the breeze along riverbank and around the bend stands the distinctive architecture of a hop field, vines chasing the sun through long summer days then winding clockwise around strings at night in preparation for a new day. Delicate flowers steadily turn to hop cones that captivate brewers.

Eagle Valley Hops Estate, Canadian Grown HopsIt is in this idyllic setting that our goal to be a part of the growing conscience of a return to the land and partake in sustainable agriculture is realized.

The Eagle Valley's unique growing environment can coax the development of cones that offer the desirable aromas, flavours, bittering and natural preservatives sought by brew masters and beer lovers.

Word is that hoppy beers could be in for some recipe changes if their brewers didn’t plan ahead and contract for the right amount of hops. We are hoping to fill a gap and provide brewers with quality Canadian hops.

For many years Craft Brewers had to be satisfied with whatever fell off the large brewers table but now they can take charge of their ingredients supply as smaller hop farmers can provide hops specific to their needs.

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